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Tommie's mother's name is Iris. Any breakup between the two hasn't been shown in the strip, and since it would clearly be an event of staggering import, we must assume that it hasn't happened. Yet. Surely it will happen someday.

Iris' move from brunette to blonde, Vertigo-style, is more interesting in light of your interpretation of Wilbur as a deranged, controlling tyrant...


We need a picture of the Kangaroo One in a suitably Jim Morrisonish pose with the caption



Congrats on the shout out from Josh. A link from the Comics Curmudgeon is worth at least 1000 visits. See my graph.

A Wife

I cetainly hope you told your wife that she also looked beautiful that night as well.


"Nobody" reads "archived" entries, eh? "Reads archived entries" is my middle name. Actually, I've legally changed it to "Inappropriate use of 'quotation marks.'"

I read the funnies far too much.

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